Physician Leadership

Dr. Heather O'Brien - Chief of Staff and  Medical Affairs

Dr. Doug Bignell - President of Medical Staff Association
Dr. Anna Rogers - Vice President of Medical Staff Association
Dr. David Berry - Medical Director of Medicine Program
Dr. Mike D'Agostino - Medical Director of Laboratory Services

Dr. Phillip Dopp - Chief of Anaesthesia
Dr. Derek Garniss - Medical Director of Emergency Program
Dr. Rishi Ghosh - Chief of Intensive Care Unit
Dr. Danny Hill - Chief of Internal Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Jenkin - Chief of Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Maxine Lingurar - Chief of Obstetrics/Gynaecology

Dr. Robert Maloney - Chief Hospitalist

Dr. Lino Pistor - Medical Director of Mental Health Program

Dr. Joseph Reich - Medical Director of Surgical Program
Dr. Silvana Spadafora - Medical Director of Oncology

Dr. Kirk Zufelt - Chief of Paediatrics