Patient Billing

Patient Billing is responsible for billing for diagnostic procedures and services received as a patient at Sault Area Hospital. Please be aware that if your health card, version code (where applicable), WSIB claim number, Out-of-Province information or insurance are not valid, you will be billed directly for services you received while at Sault Area Hospital. Should you receive a bill for services, it is due upon receipt. Outstanding invoices are sent to our external Collection Agency 30 days after the FINAL NOTICE.

Providing you have a valid health card, we bill OHIP insured services to OHIP on your behalf. If you are a resident of Ontario but do not have a health card you must pay in advance for services provided.

What are some of the services that I might be billed for (not covered by OHIP)?
Please be aware that you will be charged for the following services:

  • Ambulance services
  • Preferred accommodation
  • Assistive devices - such as crutches, canes, splints, casts
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • De-listed procedures - including tattoo removal, repair of benign skin lesions, travel vaccinations, earlobe repair from earrings
  • Chronic co-payment
  • Certain ophthalmology procedures
  • Steroid injections - Orthopedic Clinic 

If you were injured at work and the service you receive at Sault Area Hospital is related to your work injury, please ensure you provide your WSIB Claim Number at the time of service. If you are treated in the Emergency Department for a work related injury and no claim has been set up with WSIB, you must advise at the time of registration that this was a work related injury and complete a form. The employer should complete Form 7 and/or the employee should complete Form 6.

Out of Province
If you are a patient from another province of Canada you will be covered for most services in Ontario. When you present at Sault Area Hospital you must provide your home province address, your provincial health card and expiry date of the card if applicable.

International Patients
If you are a non-resident of Canada you must pay in advance for services provided.


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