Patient Education Video

A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Patient

Dialysis is not a person’s life – It is only part of it.

Patients are invited to view the Algoma Regional Renal Program's (ARRP) Virtual Tour entitled A Day in the Life of a Hemodialysis Patient. The purpose of this video is to demystify dialysis and showcase one person’s life as a hemodialysis patient. Dialysis is not a person’s life - it is only part of it - even though a person may need dialysis to live.

"I really liked doing the documentary and would do it again. Working with Shirley and Jan Strouhal was fun.
Most people I talk to do not know what dialysis patients go through, 
so when I show the video they understand what we go through."
- Keith, patient
“Dialysis may give people life, but patients’ lives are not all about dialysis.
It is possible to have a fulfilling life that includes
dialysis with the support of family and friends. Each life is unique and important  
and everyone has a story.”          
-  Shirley Pulkkinen, ARRP Social Worker 


This video offers a window into the life of local hemodialysis patient, Keith who suffers from Kidney Failure. Keith has been on dialysis for 12 years. He receives 4 hours of dialysis 3 times a week. This is a day in his life.

The filming of this video was generously sponsored by Janssen Inc.  Janssen Logo

Special thanks to:

  • Keith and Dianne, who were the inspiration for the Renal Video
  • Shirley Pulkkinen, our Social Worker and creative director, whose insightful vision, dedication and hard work made the Renal Video possible
  • Caitlyn Patrick and Kassidy Bailey who were Assistant Producers for the video
  • Brenda Lynn, Regional Director who was committed to the project and the process and invited the collaborative effort of the team
  • All those who were filmed or assisted with the filming, for their enthusiastic participation in this project:
    • Holly Davis – ARRP Patient Care Supervisor
    • Dr. David Berry – Nephrologist
    • Rochelle Rugo – ARRP RN
  • Patrick McCutcheon, our Janssen representative and& Jan Strouhal, our photographer/videographer for their incredible work

If you have any questions about the program or the video, please contact:

Holly Davis
ARRP Patient Care Supervisor
705.759.3434 ext. 6936  
Renal Premier



Part of the production team at the SAH premiere of the video.

From left to right: Shirley Pulkkinen (Renal Social Worker), Keith (Patient), Keith’s mom, Dianne (Patient), and Kassidy Bailey (Social Work Student)