Patient Education Video

ADCP Patient Virtual Journey

Patients are invited to view the Algoma District Cancer Program's (ADCP) Virtual Journey. The purpose of this video is to help prepare new cancer patients for their first visit to the ADCP and to help ease some of the stress that many of our patients experience as they commence their cancer journey. You will be taken on a guided tour of what a new patient can expect during their first visit to the ADCP, showcasing the Registration Desk, Waiting Room, Chemotherapy Suite, Radiation Bunker, and Phlebotomy Lab. It also includes a checklist of items that patients should bring with them to their first visit. A printable version of this checklist is available below.

The video features ADCP Chemotherapy Suite Team Lead, John Nardo and ADCP Patient Advisor, Mary Coulas, who was the inspiration for the video. Throughout the virtual journey, Mary shares her past experiences and offers her sound advice to new cancer patients.  Having travelled this long journey herself, Mary wanted to be able to share her story with others and to provide new patients with a useful tool that could help answer any questions or concerns they may have about their first visit to the ADCP. Also highlighted in the video, is the ADCP’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, on which Mary and other Patient Advisors sit to provide a voice for all ADCP patients.


“Being diagnosed with cancer is an overwhelming experience.
No one deserves cancer, but everyone deserves exceptional care.
I found that after getting to know the staff, I felt less anxious about my future,
knowing that there were people to help me.”

 - Mary Coulas, ADCP Patient Advisor

The filming of this video was generously sponsored by Janssen Inc.  Janssen Logo

ADCP First Visit Checklist (PDF)

Special thanks to:

  • ADCP Patient Advisors Mary Coulas, Paula Pigeon, and Barry Lyons who were the inspiration for the ADCP Video
  • John Nardo, ADCP Chemo Suite Team Lead, for being the spokesperson for the ADCP Video and for being so supportive throughout this endeavor
  • Our Renal Colleagues who assisted with the production of the video, Shirley Pulkkinen in particular, a Renal Social Worker who played the role of the patient in the video alongside Social Work Student Kassidy Bailey
  • All those who were filmed or assisted with the filming for their enthusiastic participation in this project:
    • Rick Wark – Volunteer Resources
    • Barb Fisher – ADCP Lab Services
    • Cindy Stolar – ADCP Registration Clerk
    • Dr. Mary Wilson – ADCP GPO
    • Kathleen Weir – ADCP Patient Care Supervisor
  • Brenda Lynn, Program Director, who was committed to the project and the process and invited the collaborative effort of the team
  • Caitlyn Patrick, our production assistant who did an exceptional job ensuring a seamless flow for all participants and a welcoming extra pair of hands for our videographer
  • Patrick McCutcheon, our Janssen representative, and Jan Strouhal, our videographer, for their incredible work

ADCP Video Production Group




Some of the production team at the SAH premiere of the video. From left to right: Caitlyn Patrick (Administrative Assistant), Kathleen Weir (ADCP Supervisor), Paula Pigeon, Barry Lyons and Mary Coulas (ADCP Patient Advisors), Kassidy Bailey (Social Work Student), John Nardo (ADCP Team Lead, Chemo Suite), Norbert Burgdorf (SAH Patient Advisor)




For more information on being a new patient at the Algoma District Cancer Program, please visit:

If you have any questions about the program or the video, please contact:

Kathleen Weir
ADCP Patient Care Supervisor
705.759.3434 x.6503