SAH Spotlights

The Volunteer Resources Department welcomed seven co-op students from various high schools in the area. The students were placed in their respective areas of interest as well as assisting patients with wayfinding. The students greatly enjoyed their placements and all of them gained a better understanding of health care and their future career aspirations.

Here’s what they had to say about their co-op placements at SAH:

“I had the opportunity to work in the Maternal Child Program and I really enjoyed my placement. I want to pursue a career in nursing and perhaps one day, become a midwife.”

  • - Kalen Critchley, Grade 12, Korah Collegiate

“I was interested in the health care field so I chose SAH as my co-op placement. I volunteered in the Algoma District Cancer Program and I had the opportunity to see first-hand, what it would be like to speak with patients who are very sick. I would like to pursue a career in nursing and I am considering specializing in oncology nursing.”

  • - Ashley Richards, Grade 12, St. Basils Secondary Secondary School

“I was placed in the laboratory and diagnostic imaging. It was very interesting because I hope to one day become a lab or x-ray technician.”

  • - Jordan Middleton, Grade 11, Korah Collegiate

My goal of the co-op program and my placement at SAH was to get a feel for health care and patient interaction. I did my placement on 3A and in Infection Prevention and Control. I also had the opportunity to visit with a long-time patient and this experience made me feel appreciated, and like I was contributing and making a difference. Working with the patients made me decide to go into nursing. I have already applied to pre-health program at Sault College. Everyone at SAH was wonderful and the nurses gave me lots of good advice.”

  • - Krissi Beharriell, grade 12, Korah Collegiate

“I worked in the Maternal Child program, doing paperwork and I really enjoyed it. I also worked in the Geriatric Clinic wiping binders and in the last few weeks, I assisted in the Volunteer Resources Department. I enjoyed my placement at SAH and one day, I would like to become a midwife.”

  • - Brianna Maki-Dolby, Grade 11, St. Mary’s College

“I am completing a health and wellness major at school and part of my studies includes a co-op placement. I worked on 3A and Transitional Care and after a few months, I got very good sense of what it would be like to work in the health care field. My friends think that larger centres offer a more high-tech experience but I don’t think that is the case. SAH is a new hospital which I believe offers everything and more that a larger centre offers in terms of work experience. I plan to go to Sault College in the RN program and then possibly medical school.”

  • - Matthew Budau, Grade 12, Superior Heights

Thank you to all of SAH’s co-op students for their enthusiasm, willingness to help and their consistent professional conduct. Their contributions are appreciated! SAH wishes them all of the best in their future career endeavours.



Top (left to right):  Jordan Middleton, Kalen Critchley and Ashley Richards

Bottom (left to right): Krissy Beharriell, Matthew Budau and Brianna Maki-Dolby, Amanda Bradley (missing from photo)