Featuring Alayna Hanchuk

Alayna Hanchuk

Alayna Hanchuk has worked as a Switchboard Operator at SAH for the last 9 years. As a communications expert, Alayna is highly experienced in using computer and telephone equipment. She answers incoming calls, greets callers, provides information, transfers calls and passes along messages as appropriate.

“The Switchboard is the hub of the hospital and we are the public’s first point of contact with the hospital,” she says. “My role is important because I assist with the flow of patient services.”

Over the years, the switchboard operator role has grown exponentially. “When I first began, my job was essentially to answer phone calls and calling emergency codes but since then, our role has expanded to include responsibility for resetting computer passwords, paging Information Technology after hours, delegating maintenance work orders, dispatching porters for patient transfers, assigning housekeeping staff and paging physicians.””

For all code red calls, the Switchboard is also responsible for liaising with emergency services such as the fire department. “I have the privilege of working with our community, our partners and virtually the entire team at SAH.”

What’s most rewarding to Alayna? “It’s very rewarding when you help someone in distress and they are genuinely thankful. I love my job and I find it fulfilling because I enjoy working with people and helping them navigate the complexities of a hospital.”

In her spare time, Alayna enjoys spending time with her 2 ½ year-old son and camping. We thank Alayna for her dedication to her work, our patients and all those she serves in her role as Switchboard Operator!