Featuring Brian Dyer

Brian Dyer

Brian Dyer has worked at SAH for 22 years in patient food services, housekeeping and in central transport services as a porter.

A hospital porter transports patients, equipment/gear and lab specimens between areas of a hospital. They transfer patients to and from various locations, such as from a patient unit to the x-ray department. Porters also provide emotional support to patients. They often comfort and reassure those who are feeling weak or distressed.

“For me, it’s all about our patients,” says Brian. “I love the interaction, especially with cancer patients - they are near and dear to my heart.” Brian introduces himself to each patient and makes it a point to put the patient at ease. “I explain who I am and where they are going and reduce their stress or anxiety in any way I can.” What is the most rewarding part of Brian’s work? “It’s gratifying just to converse with patients and it is especially rewarding when they are thankful for the service I provide.”

Brian’s work takes him across the organization, and on a daily basis he uses a pedometre to track how far he walks per shift. “I usually walk anywhere from 6.8 km to 14.2 km on a very busy day.” Outside of work, Brian is also active and enjoys nature and the outdoors. “I really enjoy camping, snowshoeing and cycling.”

We appreciate and thank Brian for his calm, reassuring and comforting demeanour, along with his willingness to always putting our patients first!