Featuring Franca Gallo

Franca Gallo

Franca Gallo has worked as a Senior Financial Analyst at SAH for 2 years. She provides support to the clinical management team using financial information and reports. This information in turn, assists them in departmental budgeting and decision-making for the delivery of patient care.

“Each month, I meet with a number of managers and we analyze the financial results in comparison to the budgets for their areas, we look at staffing patterns and then we identify activity where additional analysis may be required,” explains Franca. Teamwork and collaboration with the clinical leadership team are important in this role. “We work together and I really enjoy working with people,” she says. “I feel I have an important role to play in the overall operation of the hospital and ultimately in the delivery of care to our patients.” 

In addition, Franca is responsible for meeting regular reporting requirements to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and she works with the Auditors every April/May on finalizing year-end financial statements. “All financial information flows through our office and we work closely with both the hospital team and with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.”  

What’s most rewarding to Franca? “I have a sense of accomplishment when I work with the clinical team to solve a problem and I am comfortable that they understand the information we worked through together or feel they can ask me questions.” Franca also enjoys working with her colleagues in the Finance department.

Outside of work, she is a busy mom with 2 young children and she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors. We thank Franca for her dedication and for providing valuable support to our entire team at SAH!