Featuring Margaret Steele

Margaret Steele

Margaret Steele began her career at SAH over 25 years ago as a Pharmacy Technician. She then served as our Interim Locum Coordinator and is now our Drug Reimbursement Specialist.

Drugs are an important part of cancer treatment, yet patients sometimes have difficulty accessing coverage for the most effective medicines. Margaret is an expert on drug coverage and criteria for coverage. “When a patient requires medication that is not covered by OHIP or their private insurance, I access government funding through programs such as the Exceptional Access Program, the Special Access Program, and I help find other reimbursement means for unfunded drug costs through patient support programs when available.” In her role, Margaret also facilitates and arranges education and networking opportunities for staff and pharmaceutical companies.

The application process and turnaround times can be challenging. Depending on the types of drugs, some processes are more challenging and take more time,” she says. “It is very rewarding when I have the opportunity to tell patients that they have been approved for drug coverage.” Margaret is part of the Oncology Drug Access Navigators of Ontario, a provincial organization that supports drug reimbursement specialists to help find funding for patients in need.” Cancer treatments and drugs are always changing and evolving and being part of this organization helps me to stay on top of changes. They provide a wealth of information that allows me to successfully navigate the system so I can assist our patients.”

Margaret has the opportunity to work closely with physicians, staff, patients and many other organizations. “I love working with our very compassionate and skilled oncology team and our wonderful patients. I am honoured to be part of their care team.”

Outside of work, Margaret enjoys sailing, travelling and spending time with family and friends, especially her 16-month old grandson. Her retirement plan is to sail the Caribbean. We thank Margaret for her dedicated years of professional service to our team and our patients!