Featuring Marianne Cuglietta

Marianne Cuglietta

There are six laboratories at SAH - Chemistry, Pathology, Cytology, Hematology, Microbiology, and Transfusion medicine - and each has a Senior Registered Technologist. Marianne Cuglietta has worked at SAH for 15 years and is currently the Senior Registered Technologist (SRT) in the Microbiology Lab.  

The role of the Laboratory is to assist physicians in diagnosis and treatment of patients through providing a variety of test results. The Microbiology department provides culture and antimicrobial susceptibility results on many specimen types including urine, blood, tissue and other bodily fluids. “I love the hands-on testing part of my job,” says Marianne. “This is fascinating work and I find it rewarding because it is a vital step in diagnosing infection and ensuring patients are receiving the antimicrobial treatments they need.” Marianne works closely with Pharmacy and the Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee to ensure appropriate targeted therapies are initiated, and with Infection Prevention and Control to help prevent the spread of infections.

The other major part of Marianne’s role is quality assurance in the Microbiology lab. She manages staff competencies, ensures quality control of instrumentation and testing methods,   ensures that staff are following policies and procedures, monitors quality indicators and turn- around times, researches best practice guidelines, ensures all methodologies used are up-to- date and are performing well, implements new testing methods and manages inventory. “We recently implemented in-house C. difficile testing that enables us to provide quicker results, which means prompt treatment and improved patient care,” says Marianne. “I love my job because it provides a nice balance between testing and quality/policy work.”

Providing patients with quality and timely results is important to Marianne. “I enjoy being part of the interdisciplinary team because without this teamwork and communication, we would not be able to provide this quality of care and treatment to our patients.” Marianne also received her green belt in Lean in 2015 through the Ontario Hospital Association and has participated in process improvement opportunities throughout the hospital.

Outside of work, the Cugliettas are soccer enthusiasts. Marianne, along with her husband and 2 sons play outdoor and indoor soccer year round!

Thank you to Marianne for her many valuable contributions and for consistently demonstrating our values of integrity, compassion, collaboration and partnership, accountability, respect and excellence, in all aspects of her work at SAH!