Featuring Sarah Suurna

Sarah Suurna

Sarah Suurna began working as a Physiotherapist in 2007 and joined SAH in 2012. She works part time in both the Physiotherapy Department as the Professional Practice Lead and at the North East Joint Assessment Centre where she is training to become an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists assess and develop treatment plans to assist patients in achieving mobility goals after injury, illness or surgery. They can work in a variety of settings in the hospital including inpatient medical, surgical and rehabilitation units, the emergency department, ICU and outpatient services. They work closely with the rest of the allied health team to provide optimal care for patients.

As a Professional Practice Leader, Sarah represents the Physiotherapy Department by advocating on behalf of the group. “I really enjoy representing the Physiotherapy team. I attend meetings to represent the group, I handle questions regarding practice, I am involved in helping to organize educational components the team may be interested in, and I provide clinical coverage as needed,” explains Sarah. “I also teach educational classes to staff and patients in the hospital as needed such as the Total Joint Replacement class to help prepare patients with upcoming g total joint replacements.”

In addition to working in the Physiotherapy Department, Sarah has worked in the North East Joint Assessment Centre since February 2016. She is in an advanced practice role and is currently training for her designation. In this role, she is able to provide in-depth assessments for patients with hip and knee conditions. This assists with decreasing wait times for patients to see an orthopedic surgeon by determining which patients are appropriate to be further evaluated by surgeons for surgical management versus those appropriate to trial conservative management such as physiotherapy.

What does Sarah find most rewarding about her work? “I enjoy interacting and collaborating with a number of people in different departments at SAH,” she says. “I am able to work in various settings to provide the best care for patients and I enjoy contributing to the restoration of a patient’s function.”

Outside of work, Sarah teaches at Sault College in the Physiotherapy Assistant program. She likes to travel and enjoys the outdoors with her husband and two young kids. We thank Sarah for her many involvements in providing excellent care for patients at SAH!