Melanie Ingram, Telehealth Coordinator

Melanie IngramMelanie Ingram has worked at SAH as our Telehealth Coordinator since 2012. She began her career at SAH in 2006, working as a clerk in Diagnostic Imaging and Accounts Payable.

Telemedicine uses telecommunications technology to provide clinical health care in Ontario at a distance. It helps improve access to medical services that often would not be available consistently in distant rural communities. In her current role, Melanie is responsible for booking all clinical, administrative and educational videoconferences through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).  She also troubleshoots equipment, provides training and education to new users, and recruits new users to help expand this vital service. Melanie essentially provides IT support for our telemedicine systems across the hospital, working with staff, physicians and telemedicine consultants. This includes supporting our 4 clinical systems, along with several desktop systems.

“I love my work,” says Melanie. “It keeps me moving and every day is different and challenging.” Occasionally, Melanie also assists with equipment in patients’ medical appointments. “We have various telemedicine tools at our disposal including a handheld camera, a digital stethoscope, an ENT scope and tele-ophthalmology for newborns.”

Melanie finds her work rewarding as it allows patients to receive care close to home. “Telemedicine appointments allow patients to have family present during their appointment with a specialist via videoconference. Care close to home is especially important in the winter months when weather is unpredictable and driving is more challenging.”

In her spare time, Melanie is a volunteer bowling coach for young people (ages 4-21). “I have been coaching for 25 years and I enjoy watching the kids grow and develop.” In the summer, she plays softball, and she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

We salute Melanie for supporting our efforts to provide patients with care close to home!