Recreation Therapy Month

Recreation Therapists

February is National Therapeutic Recreation Month, a perfect opportunity to recognize our wonderful team of recreation therapists at SAH! We salute Beatrice Bruni (2A/Rehab/Assess and Restore), Wayne Marion (Complex Continuing Care) and Mary Maggini (Mental Health & Addictions).

Recreation therapy engages patients in programs to help meet physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Recreation therapy helps patients develop a meaningful, satisfying and healthy leisure lifestyle. Working on an individual basis or in a group setting, the recreation therapist can provide many opportunities for patients to become empowered, less socially isolated and motivated to participate in healthy activities. Recreation therapy also works in conjunction with other disciplines such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology to augment other therapeutic goals that patient may have.

2A/Rehab/Assess and Restore Unit – programs are designed to provide patients the opportunity to increase strength, endurance, mobility and independent fun

ction. Programs include exercise group, walking program and bowling and golf. Trivia and brain teasers are used to address issues affecting cognitive function.

Mental Health and Addictions Program – programs include art therapy, fitness groups, horticulture, crafts and drum ceremonies. Each group is designed to meet specific needs patients may have to assist them in their quest for a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Recreation therapy is particularly important in treating mental illness and addictions as patients often require social, behavioural and lifestyle changes to help with their recovery.

Complex Continuing Care Unit – a variety of programs are designed to meet the very diverse needs of patients. This unit consists of patients with complex medical issues that are both physical and psychosocial in nature. Holiday events, singalongs and outings are often arranged for these patients.

Thank you to our amazing recreation therapists who work tirelessly to provide our patients with a healthy and holistic care experience at SAH!